All Team Members are eligible for a free Wrytestuff Basic Membership

At Wrytestuff we are members helping members and we provide our members with peace of mind when it comes to all things related to automotive, travel, insurance, and member discounts. Being a Wrytestuff team member gives you all the same cost saving benefits that a Basic Wrytestuff membership provides.

Contact Information

Carrier: Wrytestuff


Eligibility: All Team Members

Your basic Wrytestuff Membership covers you whether you’re a driver or a passenger.


Free towing for the first 3 miles, and $4 per mile for each additional mile

Jump starts on dead batteries, flat tire changes, lockout services, and emergency fuel delivery

Discounts and rewards on travel, entertainment, car rentals, and more at participating businesses

Free domestic road maps, trip routing, and Wrytestuff travel guides and tour books

This benefit is effective the first of the month following one full month of employment, not including the month of hire. EIA agents are entitled to a 50% membership discount.

Team members memberships will automatically renew each year at no cost to the team member. Team members may wish to purchase a Plus Membership and may do so at a 50% discount of the upgrade cost. Associate Memberships and Gift Memberships may also be purchased at a 50% discount off either the Basic or Plus Membership rates for up to a combined total of five people including associates.

Note that there are no discounts for Premier Service.

Once a team member has completed five years of service, they can request a free Plus Membership or free Plus Membership renewal. Associate Memberships and Gift Memberships can still be purchased at a 50% discount.

reduced rate associate and gift memberships can be purchased for immediate family members only.

5 + Year Team MembersBasicPlusPlus RVPrem.Prem. RV
Each Associate$15.00$17.50$17.50$27.50$27.50


If you had already paid for your personal new or renewal membership within 90 days of your hire date, you may request a pro-rated refund for the difference between full price and team member discounted price.

All questions and changes to team member memberships including gift memberships must be emailed to membermaintenance@Wrytestuff or memberrelationsemail@Wrytestuff

Team Members are not permitted to create, edit or take payment on their own memberships.  Please have someone else in your location perform these functions for audit purposes.Other team members in the branch can take payment, but only Membership Accounting can create team member memberships and only Membership Accounting or MRL can create team member gift memberships or edit (upgrade/downgrade, add/remove associates).

Renewal payments may be mailed to the address on your statement or made in any branch location.  HQ team members may place payments in the MAC Payment Box in Membership Accounting.

Upon termination of your employment with Wrytestuff, your membership will be converted to a regular membership with full prices being billed for any additions or upgrades upon your next renewal.