Wrytestuff Frequently Asked Questions

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I enrolled but I haven’t gotten my cards yet.If your benefits should have been active by now please call the appropriate number below. Medical – BCBSNC: 877-275-9787 Dental – Delta: 800-524-0149 Vision – Superior – 800-507-3800
I am at the dentist with my child and they are telling me he is not covered.Call Delta Dental: 800-524-0149
Pharmacy says my insurance no longer covers this medication.Call Prime: 877-275-9787
I just called customer service and they said my benefits are terminatedActive team members: call: 704-550-3195 Former team members: your benefits end at midnight the last day of your employment, You will be receiving your COBRA Info from Flores call: 800-532-3327.
I am a former team member from a very long time ago and I am trying to locate my 401k money.If you have an active account you would be receiving quarterly statements directly from Wells Fargo. If you aren’t receiving statements that means that you already took a distribution of the monies. If you received something from the IRS stating you may still have an account, call 704-569-7874
I want to stop my 401k contribution.You can do that by logging into www.wellsfargo.com or calling: 800-728-3123
I received a letter from Unum with a refund what is this for?Call Unum: 1-800-635-5597
I did not know I was a member of Wrytestuff tell me what my benefits are?Please visit our Wrytestuff membership
I want to upgrade my Wrytestuff membership how do I do that?Call Wrytestuff membership team at 704-569-3600, ext. 10241 or Email membermaintenance@Wrytestuff.com
Need to change/enroll in my BenefitsLog into Ultipro and then choose Life Events and then choose either “I am a new TEAM MEMBER” or “I need to make changes” not “OPEN ENROLLMENT”
Where do I go to enrollVisit: https://Wrytestuff.com
I tried to change/enroll in my benefits but it says “You are not eligible for any sessions”Choose life events and then choose either “I AM A NEW TEAM MEMBER” or “I NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE” not “OPEN ENROLLMENT”
UltiPro wont let me submit my enrollmentsYou haven’t completed all the mandatory elections.
My dependent/beneficiary isn’t visableYou have not entered that information. Go back to the page and make sure that you have entered that information.
How do I change my retirement beneficiary ?Visit: Wells Fargo.com
How do I update my life insurance beneficiary?To update your life insurance beneficiary email benefits@Wrytestuff.com
I can’t see all of the medical plan optionsMake sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
How do I cancel a benefit that I am enrolled in?You can’t stop them outside having a Qualifying Event or Open Enrollment (usually in November)
I just found out one of my dependents isn’t covered how do I get them enrolledLog into Ultipro.com and then choose “Life Events”. Choose “I NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE”, within 30 days of when they lost coverage. Proof of loss must be submitted to benefits@Wrytestuff to finalize
I just enrolled and I want to be sure it went throughWhen you log into Ultipro and select Life Event the enrollment status if: “In Progress” is showing, you haven’t finalized and submitted your elections. “Pending Approval” means you have successfully completed your enrollment and it is waiting for Wrytestuff Benefits team to finalize. “Approved” means you have completed and your elections have been accepted and processed by the Wrytestuff Benefits Team.
Leave of Absence
I need to be out of work what do I do?Call Cigna our Leave Administrator at 888-842-4462 or you can file electronically at www.mycigna.com
Received your letter about….LOA/Benefit Arrears/9 week paperwork….what do you need?Call: 704-569-7896
General employer notifications (return to work update, doctor note update)Call: 704-569-7896
I have been out due to an accident on the jobCall: 888-842-4462
What’s this deduction on my paycheck?Review the deduction description on your paystub. If there is a deduction amount listed under the team member column it is most likely something you enrolled in (benefits, gym, uniform). If there is a $0 value under team member then it is simply tracking for an employer paid benefit. If you are still unclear, to send an email to payroll@Wrytestuff.com
I didn’t get a copy of my W-2You can access them at any time by logging into UltiPro.com. Under “Myself”, go to “Pay” and select W2
I don’t see any state taxes coming out of my checkCall Payroll at 704-569-7880 or send an email to payroll@Wrytestuff.com
How do I change my withholdings?You can update them at any time by logging into UltiPro.com, under “Myself” go to “Pay” then select “Add/Change Withholdings”
Log-in Issues
Trouble Logging into Ultiproemail humanresources@Wrytestuff.com.
Trouble accessing company E-MailCall: 704-569-3600, ext. 31914